Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers
South Wales & West Branch

Newport Docks, Wales

Company Membership

Any company worldwide that meets the criteria may apply to be a Company Member of the Institute.

Companies can become corporate members if they have at least one senior member of staff qualified to Fellow (FICS) or Member (MICS) status. They must be of good financial standing and have in place appropriate P&I liability insurance.

They also have to be able to demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Controlling Council that they are actively involved in the business or profession of shipbroking, liner or port agency, or management.

Affiliate Company Membership

Companies with no qualified members of staff can become affiliated members for five years, by which time they must have at least one senior member of staff qualified as a Member (MICS).

Applications for Company Membership must be made on the appropriate forms, available on request from the Institute office and submitted together with the required supporting documentation. The application will be submitted to the Federation and Controlling Council for final approval.

Company membership benefits give us the opportunity to voice opinions and partake in discussions on legislative changes that affect our industry, training is also vital to our future and we wholly support the Institute's initiatives for our employees".

Cory Brothers Shipping Agency Ltd

"Being a member of the Institute gives staff and trainees access to proper education, which in turn will allow them to participate and influence trade and policy decisions for the future."

Clarkson Brothers Shipping Ltd

  • Company Members Benefits

    • Joining the largest network of professionally qualified agency and broking organisations worldwide
    • International recognition of a Company-wide commitment to professional standards and education 
    • Support of the Federation to promote and protect members' interests
    • Opportunity to raise matters of local, regional and national concern with Government and other bodies such as Customs and Immigration through the actions of Federation Council 
    • The facility to apply for authorisation to collect UK Light Dues and by doing so recover a fee per certificate issued 
    • The facility to apply for authorisation to undertake procedures on behalf of HMRC and other UK Government Departments. 
    • Use of the Institute's Standard Trading Conditions: 2007
    • Access through Federation to FONASBA and at European level to ECASBA 
    • Opportunity to nominate employees to stand as candidates for Federation Council and its committees 
    • Information on national and international developments in trade, procedures and regulations through the regular Bulletin 
    • Opportunity for company staff, whether they are professional members or not, to contribute to the work of that branch 
    • Discounted Education and Training courses
  • Federation Council

    The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers represents the sectors of its Company Members through its Trade Association, Federation Council.

    What is the Federation?

    As a Council of the Institute, Federation acts as the representative body and Trade Association for Company Members. It is authorised to take decisions on behalf of the Company Membership, except where those decisions would affect the overall policy of the Institute, in which case any proposal shall require ratification by the Institute's governing body - Controlling Council. 

    Founded in 1984 Federation Council promotes and protects the interests of Shipbrokers, Managers, Port and Liner agents in consultation with the UK Government, statutory bodies and the European Commission. Federation is governed by a Council of 13 elected Company Member representatives together with the elected Officers of the Institute. 

    Federation manages a number of standing committees, which act and advise on behalf of members and the industry in their specific sectors. 

    Federation has permanent membership of a number of Government and industry consultative bodies, including HMRC, Home Office, DEFRA, DfT, DTI, MCA, SITPRO and the Chamber of Shipping.

    It is also the recognised Government national contractor for certain sector specific shipping business activities controlled by HMRC, DfT, and Trinity House. Additionally Federation links with International organisations including FONASBA, ECASBA, BIMCO, Baltic Exchange, Intertanko and Intercargo. 

  • Federation

    Support of the lobbying organisation Federation is represented on the following bodies:

    • FONASBA - Federation of National Associations of Shipbrokers and Agents
    • ECASBA - European Community Associations of Shipbrokers and Agents
    • MIF - Maritime Industries Forum
    • BIMCO - International Ship Owners Association
    • JCCC - Joint Customs Consultative Committee - the UK Customs consulting body
    • JCCC Frontier Sub Groups and various Customs working groups
    • MCA - Maritime Coastguard Agency -
    • UK Government agency consultation committees Chamber of Shipping' various committees
    • Home Office Border Management Group UK
    • Government Border Security Liaison
    • DEFRA - Marine Bill Consultation / Dice Food & Agriculture Department for Transport
    • Ports Policy review / Various Consultations
    • SITPRO Ltd - formerly "The Simpler Trade Procedures Board" - a Non-Departmental Public Body of the Department of Trade and Industry
    • SITPRO Security Committee - cross trade body for Port Security
    • SITPRO Port Policy and Procedures Group (PPPG) - a Port Liaison Group meeting around the country
    • Sea & Water UK Shortsea and Inland Water development group
    • Coastlink UK & EU Short Sea Container Group 

    Shipping Companies in today's busy world are constantly required to keep abreast of ever changing social and industry legislation. Company membership also provides additional education and training benefits. We at OBC Shipping Ltd found the best way to cover these requirements is by being Company Members of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers.